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Hi! My name is Phoenix Chan. I am a freelance illustrator based in New York City.
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Personal Project

I always love all kinds of folklore, fairytale … so I am going to do a personal project, write my own fairytale story. Here it is, the first illustration for the story!

If you saw my peony fairy illustration before, you probably recognize the bud babies in this illustration are actually developed from that peony fairy character. I am kind of excited about it because I believe doing a personal project is the best way to develop your own illustration and it is very enjoyable to do as well. 

I just hope that I can finish all the illustrations that I plan to do.

Enjoy the Spring!


Have disappeared for a while but I am still alive. I am doing illustrations for a production company as well as other projects that cannot show yet.
Here is a sneak peek for the upcoming show “Animystics” at Light Grey Art Lab. I will post more details and sketches later.

Hope you like it.
Nice day everyone!!


Thank you so much~ I got my package a couple of days ago and finally remembered to send a thank you message. I'm not a person good at remembering things. I love all the pics and can't wait to find frames for them~
phoenix-chan phoenix-chan Said:

Thank you! I am so glad you like it and even find frames for them! My pics got a good owner~

I received my items, today. Have to say it was perfect timing for Valentine's Day. I'm going to frame them and put them up around my house <3
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Thank you so much & Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Chocolate is one of my favorite food!
I wanted to illustrate a dark piece this time, so I illustrated a black peony fairy with her raven. Although the black peony fairy seems like evil, she is actually a good fairy.She likes to appear in the night and gives her blessing to all nature.

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I receive the package, thank you so much! I love them so much!
phoenix-chan phoenix-chan Said:

You are welcome! I’m glad you like it~

I received your package today! Thank you! I always enjoy your art and is a great honor to have some to own :)
phoenix-chan phoenix-chan Said:

Thank you! I am glad to hear you received the package.

"Sheer II"
I named this peony fairy “Sheer”, and it is inspired by a poem, titled “Sheer” as well.
Here is the actual poem:

"Sheer" by Elizabeth Poreba
As in April in the flower called twinleaf
folds to shouder its straight stem
for as long as the weather holds,
perfect from leaf base to flower,
petals clenched to pearls held tight
above the jetsam of spring floods—-

so love, slight, a sheer thing,
but absolute, from outside
the mind or time, a strand
pulled from the fleece of an invisible beast,
saves for no good reason
even if forgotten, denied, regretted
just because of something
underneath, a ground swell.

This was one of the poem we assigned to read in a writing class. When I first read it, I totally didn’t understand it at all. Then, the professor explained this poem was about love… I felt so lost. I read it again and again… For me, I think this is a beautiful poem no matter it is about love or not.
I also hope you like this poem as well as the illustration.

You can find a print and related product in the society6.
Thanks! Nice weekends~

Yeah! I am so excited! The second children book that I illustrated is being published. I got my copies yesterday.
Thank you thousand times for Mr. Nassaney ask me to join this wonderful project.

Congratulation! The winners are

Thank you everyone who joined it!!!

I have sent message to the winners, please check and let me know your mailing address before this coming Friday.

Please look forward to my next GIVEAWAY!
Nice Day!