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Hi! My name is Phoenix Chan. I am a freelance illustrator based in New York City.
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Enjoy the Spring~


Wow! The jewelry illustration that I did for the “Omnibus Treasury” show at Light Grey Art Lab is finally released!!!  The design becomes a real piece of jewelry. You couldn’t know how exciting I was when I first saw it. Although I cannot attend to the opening reception tonight, I am so proud of this show and all other collections in the show are so well-done!! 

Again, big thanks to the Light Grey Art Lab crews of their hard-working and helping each artists to assemble their unique collection.

Hope you like the show and please check it out here!

You can get my collection here!

Thank you!


Making my own bookmark!

Here is my process:

1. I did a illustration. You can see the details and sketch here.

2. I cropped it in oval shape and printed it out from an ink-jet printer. Then, I coated the print with crystal-clear spray and some jewelry glues.

3. I cut it out and sticked each one to the metal tray. 

4. Mixed the resin and poured it onto the picture. Patiently, waited 24 hours for them to dry.

5. Glued it to the metal clip.

Yeah!!! The bookmark is done!

I planned to give them to my friends and may be do a giveaway later~

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Nice day everyone!


A new illustration and more related products in my shop. Check it out!!!!

I did a quick character illustration for my own bookmark making project last week.

This time, I used a very rough texture brush, you can see the texture from the close up photo. I even think the texture is not rough enough now. 

I specially like its heart-shaped nose:)

You can get a print, tote bag, mug and more related product in my shop.

Personal Project

The latest illustration for my on-going fairytale story.

It was full of joy doing the landscape, which was unexpected to me because I seldom do landscape at all. May be I should do more in the future.

As the story moves on, the little bud starts her journey…

If you have followed me, you probably see the other illustrations of my personal project. 

You can see all the related illustrations for this project here.

Nice weekend!


Last week of the “Animystics” Show.

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The piece that I did for the “Animystics” Show at Light Grey Art Lab.
The show is about our Spirit Animals, Totems, and Familiars and it is also an Exhibition and Benefit Show for Local Animal Shelters!! Thus, there is a portion of the profit will donate to animal shelters organization. 

The animal that I depicted is a Fennec Fox, called “Foxtuna” 

Physical Attributes: Foxtuna is a nine-tailed Fennec Fox. The greater number of tails indicates an older and more powerful fox. It is said that a fox will only grow additional tails after it has lived 100 years.

Mystical Attributes: Foxtuna can enchant any kind of plant. The enchanted plant will bring good luck and fortune to people.

You can purchase signed print and framed work here.
You can see all other amazing pieces in the show here.
You can learn more details and opening reception here.
Great Day, Everyone!

The jewelry collection design for the “Omnibus Treasury” show at Light Grey Art Lab. 

My jewelry set is called “Maneki-Neko Collection”, which means beckoning cat. It is a very common lucky cat in Asian culture.

All designs will be made into REAL jewelry(necklace, bracelet, earrings).

Can’t wait to see the final pieces.

When the actual jewelry comes out, I will post more photos and details.

Thanks Light Grey Art Lab for making all these!!!


Personal Project

Illustration for page 2 of my fairytale project, there should be 32 pages as I planned it out. The progress of this personal project is kind of slow because I don’t want to do it in rush since there is no absolute due date. 

I am not going to put the storyline to it until all the illustrations are finished , so please use your imagination to figure out what is happening between those little buds. 

If you want to see sketch and details of page 1, please see my previous post here.

Nice day! 


Please check out my print and the art shop for all other amazing prints in the Animystics show! The profits will donate to ANIMAL SHELTER! Please support it and reblog it~

Thank you!



Thanks to everyone who made it out to the opening reception for Animystics last week! We had such a great time and raised funds for a good cause!

You can see all of the details, photo booths fun, and extra events from the opening on the recap on our Light Grey Blog or flickr pages.

You can support the animals by purchasing prints on our Light Grey Shop. Proceeds go to the Animal Humane Society, the Feline Rescue Inc., and Homeward Bound Dog Rescue.

Thanks for your support!